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Re: Vonage Outage Last Thursday

Tony P. (
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 10:49:09 -0500

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> Brian Inglis wrote:

>> It works, ship it ... we're all beta test sites now!

> Given this discussion of apparent Vonage incompetence, their whining
> about their traffic being blocked is quite funny. Seems they are quite
> capable of blocking their own traffic, if inadvertently. ;)

I've had Vonage for 5 months now and haven't had any outages at all
that were caused by their alleged incompetence.

One was ISP related where the cable service for a good chunk of
Providence went dark during a snow storm. The other was a chunk of ice
damaging a piece of cable on the outside of the house. Seems the
methods employed by the previous building owner weren't held to
exacting standards. They've got the siding off the building now so I
should tack down a section of CAT-5 and replace the damaged wire. But
why should I? I don't own the building and it only affected the phone
in the bedroom. It also severed by connection to the NID which means
there's no chance of getting a reverse voltage on my VoIP line.

I think that many of the problems people are having in the mid-west
are ISP related. Therefore I understand Vonage whining about being
denied access to certain ports necessary for their service to

Maybe I've had good luck. Who knows.

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