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Re: Other Firmware For Linksys wrt54g? Satori

gary (
11 Mar 2005 07:35:47 -0800 wrote:

> I have put in a few wireless routers but never got into the internals.
> I now have one in my home and will be adding a Range Extender.

> I possess a WRT54G, running Windows 2000 and uploaded the latest
> firmware (version 3+ dated Dec 2004 I think) from

> In reading the latest PC Mag, I ran across an interesting article on
> the Satori firmware and extra options it adds. (

> A few questions:

> 1. Is this the best choice of stable firmware for my WRT54G to add new
> options, perhaps increase signal power (if it really works) and tweak
> other necessary parameters for best performance/range?

> 2. Are there other firmware vendors worth looking at on

> Thank you,

> Patty


Look on the bottom of your router, on the sticker that has your s/n
and mac address, it should have you hardware version. (WRTG54g vx.x)

If your version is 2.2 or greater you will probably have to subscibe
to for $20/yr and use the Alchemy release as I have. If
your version is 2.0 or lower then you should be able to load the older
versions like Satori(available without subscription) or openwrt(only
supports through v2.0)

The signal power increase does work, but so do better antennas

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