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sean (
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:27:33 -0500

Choreboy wrote:

> This afternoon I rushed into the room to answer a call on the third
> ring. "This is Tell Nants calling on behalf of Bell South in regards
> to telemarketing. Sorry we missed you. If you have any questions,
> call 1-866..."

> It's pretty bad when somebody programs a robot to call homes and hang
> up without saying what it's about.

> The call came from 954 443 9404, which is Technion Communications. On
> the web I've found complaints that their telemarketing robots will
> bombard a Bell South customer day after day. Apparently the law
> doesn't apply if the victim has a business relationship with the
> client, in this case Bell South.

> Two hours later I found a similar message on my answering machine,
> again telling me to call Bell South at the 866 number. Because the
> robot was programmed start speaking immediately, I didn't get the
> whole message. That could lure the victim into calling in case it was
> important. (On the web I've found a document where Technion argues to
> the FCC that the law doesn't apply if they can lure the victim into
> making the call.)

> It seems like harassment to me. Can I do anything to stop it?

> Choreboy

Give em a dose of their own medicine:

Get a cheap PC and a cheap modem, and set up a script to repeat dial
the 800 number over and over and over, with a recorded message saying
that auto dial robots are illegal.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But _your_autodial robot is _also_
illegal. People have tried that, thinking they would not get caught,
but they do get caught, and frequently punished, sometimes severely.

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