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Re: Wiring Two Lines on One Jack

Brad Houser (
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:52:59 -0800

<> wrote in message

> Hi,

> I would like to wire one jack for two lines. Here is the setup of the
> wires after opening the jack.

> The red screw terminal has two blue and 1 orange wires connected to
> it. The green screw terminal has 2 white/blue and 1 white/orange wire
> connected to it. I'm just curious as to why there are 3 wires
> connected per terminal.

> The yellow an black screw terminals are not connected to any
> wires. Now what should I do to be able to access a second line?

Many homes were wired with a "daisy chain" or loop. The Blue/Blue-White
lines are probably going off in two directions, no way of telling from
your description, but it could be one to the demarc and one to another
jack. The Orange/Orange-White pair could also be going to one of the
first two locations, or to a third location. There may even be yet
another Orange pair that isn't connected that could be used for line
two. You need to figure out what is available for use, if you don't want
to change any of the other phones. You can do this by trial and error
or by "toning" the lines. (Ask your Home Depot electrical guy if you
don't have one of these.)

You could also have a situation where the lines are "home run" but
someone added a jack by extending a line from that jack to another.

Brad Houser

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