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Re: Home PBX and VoIP Tie-in

Lee Sweet (
Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:57:47 -0500

Soren Rathje <> responded to me:

> Lee Sweet wrote:

> Now, what I want to do is have all outbound LD calls go out on the
> Vonage line automatically. Right now, I have a separate cordless
> phone for that line, but that's not the optimal answer! :-)

Soren Rathjes said ...

The short answer is: Asterisk

> 8<snip>8

> and Lee Sweet adds:

> You took the words out of my about-to-reply mouth, and thanks for the
> added sourceforge info! Last night I google'd "home pbx" and
> Asterisk and Digium were near the top. By purchasing one FXS
> (station) and one FXO (telco analog line) card for a PC, I figure I
> can do all I want.

Sounds great from what I've read, and this week I'll download the
tarball and look at the docs.

Thanks for the second opinion!

(And, for PAT's response re PBXtra, it could *almost* do what I want,
but I need CLID info, and that's not there.)

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The way I get Caller-ID was by
first suspending the DISA (the PBXtra was otherwise grabbing
calls on the first half-ring and providing its own ringing tone
meaning caller-ID never had a chance to get transmitted (between
first and second rings). You suspend DISA by using program code
508000 and another string of numbers, then 'saving' the program
code with 50911. Henceforth the line(s) just ring until they get
answered. To get the caller-ID I tapped both incoming lines (Prairie
Stream and Vonage) into an AT&T two-line splitter and sent the output
to the (1) single caller-ID display unit and (2) a common audible
or 'side ringer'. By suspending the DISA (thus preventing the
PBXtra from doing 'call supervision' it also permits me to use
my _own_ answering machine/voicemail (which cuts in after a
reasonable number of rings) rather than having PBXtra grab the
incoming call on the first ring and processing it itself and the
two CO's (Vonage and Prairie Stream) thinking the call was answered.

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