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Re: "Broadcast Flag", was Re: My New DVR From Cable One

Dan Lanciani (
Thu, 10 Mar 2005 00:40:32 EST (Tony P.) wrote:

> But if you read the FCC documents about it, they make it clear that
> anyone with a little technical knowledge can easily defeat the DRM
> functions.

So have they given up on the (complicated but fairly robust)
encryption/ authentication/key-revocation scheme for digital
interconnects that was being bandied about in the beginning? (The
actual OTA signal would have been in the clear in any case, but
building an ATSC receiver probably takes more than a little technical
knowledge and even then isn't what I'd call easy. Unless of course
someone comes up with a good GNUradio cookbook. :)

> The courts are going to slap down on the FCC anyhow.

We live in hope ...

Dan Lanciani

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