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Hollywood Hacking Bill Author Named Dem. Liaison

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Subject: "Hollywood Hacking Bill" Author Named as Democrat Liaison to
Entertainment Industry
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This is beyond absurd. Howard Berman is the Congresscritter who, a few
years ago, wanted to enact laws that would let the entertainment
industry "hack" private computers in their quest for copyright
investigations.....his proposed law would also indemnify the
entertainment cartels if those actions resulted in problems for the
folks being "hacked" -- even if the "hack" resulted in not finding any
"infringing" materials.

As of today, the Democrats have the glaringly-ignorant shill of the
entertainment industry (Berman) working for the greedy entertainment
industry itself. How very convenient for all sides. Except the public
(and many artists) of course.

Anyway, some info on the old Berman Bill that shows how his mind works:

... and the new press release from today ...

Pelosi Appoints Berman as Chief Liaison to the Entertainment Industry

Washington, D.C House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today announced
the appointment of California Congressman Howard L. Berman as chief
liaison between the House Democratic Caucus and the entertainment

Berman, a senior California lawmaker who has worked closely and
productively with the film industry for years, will hold a more
regular and institutionalized dialogue with industry representatives
on issues vital to those who make and market films, music, and other
copyrighted materials. Berman is the top Democrat on the House
Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual

"Howard Berman has long been a leader on copyright enforcement and
stopping Internet piracy," Pelosi said. "He understands the business
and creative interests of the entertainment industry, which comprises
the largest and fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy and creates
a surplus balance of trade. This appointment will put in place a
process for even greater communication and mutual understanding
between House Democrats and the entertainment industry."

"Entertainment is my hometown industry," said Berman, "and it's one
I've been working with closely for all the years I've been in
Congress. I welcome this new way to emphasize its issues to the
Democratic leadership."
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