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Re: Vonage Outage Last Thursday

Randal Hayes (
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 13:02:35 -0600

Whenever a communications technology outage is reported and the cause
is attributed to some problem with a software load or other
maintenance work performed *in the middle of a workday* I always ask
myself, "What were they thinking, performing this type of work during
a busy period?!?"

I do not know what the peak hours for Vonage are, but even with a
customer base that is currently more residential in nature, and,
acknowledging that a global environment complicates what a carrier's
busy-hours are (it may be 4:00 AM CST in the U.S., but it's primetime
for those in the U.S. calling Europe, etc.), one would have to believe
a Thursday afternoon would not be the wisest time to perform
non-emergency, but potentially intrusive work on the network!

Vonage, or even the VOIP environment are not unique here; for several
years some of the largest carriers have experienced outages during
some of their busiest periods due to scheduling non-emergency software
loads and upgrades during peak periods ... what idiocy!

Is common sense a thing of the past for some people, or is the belief
in performing quality work a thing of the past for some people..or

Randy Hayes
University of Northern Iowa

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