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Tony P. (
Tue, 8 Mar 2005 17:32:41 -0500

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> Ten O'Clock Tech
> by Arik Hesseldahl

> But a week ago I swerved in new direction and dropped about $300 for
> an upgrade to the v710, which appears to be Motorola's highest-end
> phone that works on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks,
> namely that of Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon and
> Vodafone.

> But then I learned that the phone can't do this via Bluetooth. I've
> been syncing my PalmOne Tungsten T handheld with my Mac for about year
> now using Bluetooth without difficulty. Exactly why this phone
> couldn't do the same thing seemed ridiculous.

> It turns out Verizon has had certain features in the phone disabled.
> Full Bluetooth support is one of them. This rules out the phone
> connecting to any Bluetooth devices other than a headset, such as a
> wireless keyboard or a printer or indeed another Bluetooth-enabled
> phone.

> Another missing feature is the ability to move a photo from the phone
> directly to a computer via Bluetooth or a data cable. When you take
> pictures on this phone, the only way to save them on a computer is to
> send them by e-mail over Verizon's wireless network, for which there
> is a charge.

> The network works just fine and sending pictures in this way is more
> or less flawless. But it's irritating to know that when you just want
> to take a picture and save it for yourself, you can't just move it
> directly from the phone to a computer. And Verizon operates a Web
> service called Pix Place, where you can send pictures and then
> download them to a PC. But why add an extra step to a process that
> should be simple?

> A Verizon Wireless spokeswoman tells me this is standard operating
> procedure across its camera phone lines. Verizon's product is not the
> phone, she says, but rather the network itself. Indeed.


You answered your own question. It's because they charge to email
it. If you could just suck the pictures off the unit with Bluetooth it
would erode their revenue stream.

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