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Re: Home PBX Info: Switching Between Landlines and VoIP

Soren Rathje (
Wed, 9 Mar 2005 08:42:59 +0100

Lee Sweet wrote:


> Now, what I want to do is have all outbound LD calls go out on the
> Vonage line automatically. Right now, I have a separate cordless
> phone for that line, but that's not the optimal answer! :-) \


> Lee Sweet
> Datatel, Inc.
> Manager of Telephony Services
> and Information Security
> How higher education does business
> Voice: 703.968.4661
> Fax: 703.968.4625
> Cell: 703.932.9425

The short answer is: Asterisk

The long answer: ...

I use Asterisk with 1 Danish VoIP, 1 UK VoIP and 1 US VoIP provider as
well as 1 regular PSTN line. The dialprefix tells Asterisk which way
to go :) Incoming calls go either direct to an extension or into a ACD
where all phones ring. Unanswered calls go to VoiceMail. Conferences
can be hosted if family meetings are required.

Asterisk can do regular FXO/FXS using hardware from Digium (inventors
site), ISDN-BRI from various sources or T1/E1 equipment from various

Protocols are limited to OSP, Enum, Dundi, ADSI, SIP, H.323, MGCP,
SCCP (Cisco Call Manager), IAX. Other projects (there are many)
available for install are: Nortel native protocol support, FAX
send/receive and SS7.

The smallest system for Asterisk reported so far is an X-Box, I've
heard of people working on Sony PS/2 implementation and also builds
ment for install on LinkSys WBR's so basically anything bigger goes,
AMD, Intel or PowerPC running some form of Unix; Linux, BSD, OS X,
Solaris ... (pending hardware support)

Anyway, for my last homesystem, I downloaded the Asterisk@Home ISO,
made a CD, put it in the pc and powered up. The @home project will
format the disk, install CentOS-3 (stripped down RedHat Enterprise),
install Asterisk PLUS additional tools so in fact you will (almost)
never need to telnet to the box, you can do mostly everything from a
browser. I had it up and running in a usable state in a couple of

Really good reading is here, especially the WiKi is a goldmine of


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