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Re: Strange Call ID

Dean (
7 Mar 2005 11:53:04 -0800

Spyros Bartsocas wrote:

> I live in Greece. I received a call from my cousin in NY. On my caller
> Id his number appeared as 0044212xxxxxxx (where the x's show his
> actual 212 area code POTS number.

> How is this possible?


Iit's not that easy to know exactly what happened. Who knows what the
carrier(s) of that particular international call did to it prior to
delivery? Generally speaking though, the calling number carried can be
manipulated by a variety of parties carrying the call, is almost never
necessary in order to route the call properly (but maybe for charging)
and is obviously not necessarily the actual/real number belonging to
the party who's calling you (assuming they even have a "real" e.164
number and are not just calling from skype or something like it).

In this case, my buest guess is the call was routed via the UK and the
calling number was modified thus for reasons internal to some/all of
the carriers involved (i.e. not necessarily a bug; they could be using
it this way to settle charges between them or something like that).
Another possibility is that your cousin was using a calling card
platform located in the UK, etc etc.



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