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Re: GSM Cell Density in Metropolitan Areas

Dana (
Sun, 06 Mar 2005 11:40:02 -0900

John Bartley wrote:

>> enrico <> wrote:

>>> What is the average (or range) value for GSM cell (i.e. base station,
>>> antenna, ..) density in metropolitan areas? (e.g. in cities like
>>> London, Paris, Rome.)

>>> Is there any publicly available information about the topic?

>>> Please note that I am *not* asking for actual base station location,
>>> as I know that information is protected,

> On 2 Mar 2005 12:48:42 GMT, Koos van den Hout
> <> wrote:

>> Ow? I can imagine that the cell phone company doesn't want to give a
>> map if I ask nicely, but with some simple AT commands I can make my
>> phone show the current cell number and alert me when it changes. Add a
>> gps unit, some logging software and I can map their cell numbers. I've
>> been playing with this, see

>> In my country (the Netherlands) I can find the actual location by
>> checking the register of antenna licenses.

> However, T-Mobile, here Stateside, blocks the data for the local
> cell's identity, as per a German ham who has an HP 6315 on T-Mobile
> while he's here.

T-Mobile does not have a policy in place to block the cell identity of
their cell sites in the states. And all sites in the states are
listed with the FCC, so it is possible to look up in the fcc database
and see how many sites are in use for a paticular region or city.

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