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Installing Intercom System in House

Etop Udoh (
Fri, 04 Mar 2005 07:43:35 -0500

I have a friend who wants a replacement intercom system installed in
his house. His old system suffered electrical damage.

The old wiring for speakers and so forth are still there and intact.

He just wants the old system pulled out, and the new system put in.

The only issues are doorbells, garage doors and other things which
were interfaced with and working with the original unit, and a couple
of intercoms and speakers which weren't working before that he
probably wants to get operational if at all possible and I assume that
would involve some troubleshooting.

The system is said to include message recording and so forth. The
replacement unit is an upgraded unit since the one they had is no
longer made or available for sale and they were told that it should
interface with their existing wiring just fine as long as the number
of wire pairs for speakers and power match.

I am a Telephone tech, Computer and Electronic tech but I am not low-
voltage certified but am somewhat familiar with what it entails as far
as telephones and computers are concerned. My question is is this
something that I can install for my friend considering my background,
and how much should I charge for the job if it is something that I can

I'm sure he has been asking around and getting bids and offers for job
and I just want to make sure that I don't get cheated if I can do the

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