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Re: Hookflash and Ground Start Analog CO Trunks from PABX

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Thu, 3 Mar 2005 22:22:01 EST

Earlier today I posted a message here saying that, in regards to my
PBXtra, I could simulate a hookflash to the central office even when
behind the PBX. I can, but not quite as described. I said earlier:

> in a call, flash on PBX, dial *6 (or 26 in rotary) then when dial
> tone returns, flash again (straight through to CO).

Actually what I should have said was in a call, flash the PBXtra,
dial *6 (or 26 rotary) and that _*6 serves as the hookflash. I had
not used this feature before and tested it out after printing the
message. The *6 causes the PBXtra to disconnect itself from the
trunk line for a half second, then reconnect itself which is the
essence of the hookflash. You _do not_ do the second hookflash,
since the *6 causes it to happen.


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