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Re: Shut The Cell Up

Paul A Lee (
Tue, 1 Mar 2005 17:31:45 -0500

In TELECOM Digest V24 #87, Marcus Didius Falco <> wrote (in part):



> Unsuspecting cellphone users may find themselves saying that
> more often now that cellphone jammers illegal gizmos that
> interfere with signals and cut off reception are selling like
> hotcakes on the streets of New York.

> "I bought one online, and I love it," said one jammer owner
> fed up with the din of dumb conversations and rock-and-roll
> ringtones.

> "I use it on the bus all the time. I always zap the idiots
> who discuss what they want from the Chinese restaurant so
> that everyone can hear them. Why is that necessary?"

> He added, "I can't throw the phones out the window, so this
> is the next best thing."

> One local purchaser bought a portable jammer last year, and
> said he likes using it at Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island.

> "One time I followed this guy around for 20 minutes," he
> said. "I kept zapping him and zapping him, until finally he
> threw the phone on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing. It
> was so cool."

Great ... So now we have self-important, inconsiderate jerks being
challenged by self-important, malicious jerks.

The FCC may not be inclined to pursue the jammer users -- yet. I can
hardly wait to see what happens, though, when some jammer jerk
prevents an emergency assistance call from being placed following a
crime or a heart attack.

Let's just hope the victim in such an instance is the jerk with the

Paul A Lee Sr Telecom Engineer

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