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Re: 2002220000 Given as Caller ID

Geoffrey Welsh (reply@newsgroup.please)
Tue, 1 Mar 2005 15:30:38 -0500

Marcus Didius Falco wrote:

> I recently had occasion to call Pakistan using a "dial-around"
> carrier in the US. The call appeared on the Pakistani's cell phone as
> a local call in Islamabad, meaning it was handled as a VOIP call.

I've seen that in North America for years and I don't think it implies
VOIP at all ... calls from the U.S. sometimes show local number for
caller ID when they ring through to my phone, and I always assumed
(yeah, I know ...) that all it meant was that the long distance link
terminated locally (and, I would guess, without the correct caller ID)
at some local access point that had its own caller ID designation. I
understand why a VOIP link might do that, but I don't see why _only_
VOIP would do that.

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