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A Question About Cordless Phone Quality
25 Feb 2005 13:27:35 -0800

I've got a question about cordless phones.

Recently I bought a cheap Panasonic 900 MHz cordless phone.
It is ok but has very low range and the sound quality has some hiss
which is not terrible but is noticeable. The thing cost me around $30.

I want to have a excellent sound quality over my cordless phone and a
range greater than 40 meters. However, I hardly know anything about
cordless phones.

I do know that most (if not all) wireless routers operate on the 2.4
Ghz frequency and some phone with that frequency may interfere. There
are a lot of tech stuff I don't understand like DSS (Digital Spread
Spectrum or something like that) and other stuff I may not be aware
of. There are expensive cordless phones out there for $150 and even

I would like to get advice on which phone to buy (probably 900Mhz or
5.8Ghz) which will give me excellent sound quality. Aside from caller
id and message indicator, I really don't need any other fancy stuff.

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