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Re: Verizon Plans to Offer "Naked DSL" on 4/5 of its Wirelines

Tony P. (
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:18:38 -0500

In article <>, says:

> Michael D. Sullivan <userid@camsul.example.invalid> wrote:

>> There is at least one technology issue, and maybe more. Verizon's
>> many millions of ADSL/POTS lines are identified by telephone number.
>> The POTS telephone number is, in effect, the key, the unique
>> identifier, used in the databases of both Verizon's LEC and Verizon
>> Online, which markets DSL to the public. Both companies' databases

> Nope, Verizon's predecessor Bell Atlantic had no trouble billing
> for dry pair leased lines in the 1970's. They had a circuit number
> which we used when calling in trouble tickets, but no phone number
> was associated with them. I am quite willing to bet there are still
> dry pair leased lines here and there. In fact I'll bet just about
> every ATM machine has a wire pair with no dial-tone or phone number.
> Those things use leased lines with modems set up in leased line mode.
> At least that is how they used to work. No bank wants to have its
> ATMs on the switched phone network, but they do lease wire pairs from
> the local telco. The only difference for DSL is the type of modem.

Many ATM's now use dial-up access. Of course the encryption must be
fairly robust but from what I know about banks, I tend to be
pessimistic about it.

>> will have to be significantly reconfigured to use an identification
>> other than simply the telephone number in order to run their
>> businesses before Naked DSL is offered. If you have ever called
>> Verizon Online's customer (dis) service number, you will know that the
>> first question asked is, "What is your DSL line's phone number?"

> That is just the easiest identifier. If their database programmers
> were even halfway competent there will be other wire pair circuit IDs
> that are unique identifiers. In fact a phone number isn't a unique
> key anyway. It can change while the wire pair does not, and the wire
> pair could change while the phone number does not.

My Verizon account number was NPA-NXX-XXXX XXX XXX X where those last
seven digits were 616 005 1 - and it was the same before I changed my
BTN. That's probably the switch port that I was assigned to.

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