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Re: ADSL and SDSL?

Robert Bonomi (
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:30:42 -0000

In article <>,
T. Sean Weintz <> wrote:

> Robert Anderson wrote:

>> Do you more reliably get the higher bandwidth with SDSL than with
>> ADSL?

>> For example, is the CIR higher with SDSL?

>> We are a very small business using VoIP and our connection is
>> ADSL. People have problems hearing us but not the other way around.

>> We were thinking of switching from ADSL over to SDSL, to see if that
>> helps.

>> Robert Anderson

> ADSL is asymmetrical


> SDSL is symetrical


As "commonly deployed", SDSL has same speed up and down, and ADSL has
mis-matched (almost invariably higher in the 'down' direction) speeds.

However, I have had "symmetric rate" ADSL, and "Asymmetric rate" SDSL,
service, at various times, from various providers. Not terribly
common, but such services do/did exist. :)

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