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Re: Old Party-Line Arrangements

Paul Coxwell (
Fri, 11 Feb 2005 19:03:17 -0000

> I believe the first office with DDD was Englewood, New Jersey, a 5XB
> with ANI/AMA. The second was Enid, Oklahoma, or Harlingen, Texas,
> similarly 5XB with ANI/AMA.

The first British office to have STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) go
into operation was Bristol, somewhere around 1957/58.

Over here though the GPO opted for a charging system somewhat
different to AMA. Billing was by way of meters, stepped at a
frequency dependent upon the time of day and the type of call, with
each "unit" then being charged at a certain amount.

For many years there were only three basic zones for calls within the
United Kingdom: Local rate, "a" rate which was outside local and
generally up to a radius of about 35 miles from the group center, and
"b" rate for everything beyond that. This system kept the billing
relatively simple, but of course we are an entire country which covers
only about the same land area as Oregon.

Manual dockets were kept and sent for processing for all
operator-connected calls.

-- Paul

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