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Re: A Child Learns a Harsh Lesson in Politics

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> Monty Solomon wrote:


>> For adults, the fuss over a PBS children's television show
>> featuring an animated bunny - and real lesbian mothers - was
>> nothing new. But for Emma Riesner, 11, who was supposed to be a
>> star of the now-controversial episode of "Postcards From Buster,"
>> what began as a participatory social studies lesson has become a
>> harsh lesson in exclusionary politics.

> That "a harsh lesson ..." description isn't accurate.

> What the kid learned was that show business is tough.

No, actually, what the kid learned was "a harsh lesson in
(exclusionary) politics," exactly as described. The show wasn't pulled
for reasons having anything at all to do with "show business," but
entirely for reasons of politics.

> In the case of this particular show, keep in mind that the family
> structure it used is very rare in real life.

Actually, again, no it isn't "very rare in real life." There are
thousands upon thousands of such families in America, and more of them
every single day.

The show was not pulled because of any fear of alienating viewers. The
show was pulled because of pressure from government officials.

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