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Healthwatch: Deep Throat's Secret (and Health...)

Danny Burstein (
Mon, 7 Feb 2005 03:49:56 -0500

ob telecom: The Watergate burglers were caught planting bugs and


From an article by John "cancer on the presidency" Dean in
Sunday's LA Times:,1,828254.story

"I have little doubt that one of my former Nixon White House
colleagues is history's best-known anonymous source - Deep Throat. But
I'll be damned if I can figure out exactly which one.

"We'll all know one day very soon, however. Bob Woodward, a reporter
on the team that covered the Watergate story, has advised his
executive editor at the Washington Post that Throat is ill. And Ben
Bradlee, former executive editor of the Post and one of the few people
to whom Woodward confided his source's identity, has publicly
acknowledged that he has written Throat's obituary.

"I suspect that Throat's identity may prove a cautionary tale for all
news gatherers. Stay tuned.

Knowledge may be power, but communications is the key
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Times change, but the more they change,
the more things stay the same. In Nixon's presidency, FOIA had not
yet become law -- I don't think -- and the importance of people like
'Throat' could not be underestimated, and surely, he brought down
Nixon, even though others fell as well, and wound up going to jail
in Tricky Dick's place.

A full year and a half after ACLU and others filed suit under FOIA
(in 2003) asking for information on Bush's role in the torture and
sexual humiliation of Iraqi guys, the court ruled they could have
the paperwork they were seeking, although with so many redactions I
think there must have been a big sale on black tip marker pens. Finally,
on December 20, 2004 ACLU got the paperwork they had been demanding; they
released it a day or two later to the net and elsewhere. Page after
page, of the hundreds of pages received had redactions; there are
literally *thousands* of instances of violations of the Geneva Conven-
tion regarding treatment and mistreatment of prisoners; it was all
much more widespread than anyone suspected; it all came down from
very high sources in the Pentagon, and ultimatly from Bush. Check out
the pages under 'Prisoner Torture' for more details,
or also look at . Already,
a lot of the little guys (military, etc) have already wound up in jail
or court-martialled, etc for 'just following orders'. PAT]

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