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Re: Update Interval For E911 Records

William Warren (
Sun, 06 Feb 2005 16:09:44 -0500 wrote:

> Pat,

> I have a customer who's using Vonage as his primary business line.

> The problem is that he moves it with him from job to job, many of them
> in buildings with no phone service that he's in charge of remodeling,
> and he's got a medical condition that might cause his coworkers to
> dial 911.

> He tells me that there's no problem with 911 calls because Vonage has
> a screen he uses to update his address.

> The question: how long do E911 updates take to propagate once submitted
> by Vonage? IIRC, it's at least a day, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

> William

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I was told it is more or less a few
> times daily, but my problem would be your first paragraph: 'many of
> them buildings with no phone service in them.' If that is the case,
> then *how* does he get the internet connection needed to use his VOIP
> line? Do you mean the buildings have no phone service but somehow *do*
> have cable installed for his VOIP line? Without cable modems or DSL
> lines, how is he going to use the VOIP? I am sure the person must
> have a cell phone; my suggestion would be to use in case of an
> emergency. Forward his VOIP line to his cell phone. PAT]


He's in the business of replacing existing phones and wire with new
equipment, and old key systems with PBX's and dial tone provided by a CLEC.

Suffice to say that experience has shown there are usually
interruptions to the dial tone during that kind of work, and in any
event he wants to have "his" number available for calls when in the
buildings out-of-hours. He's almost always able to find a data
connection, either by hooking up to an existing customer in the
building or by finding a wifi hot spot, using a Pringles antenna.

The benefit of having the VoIP line is that he can test a new PBX with
"live" dialtone when the company's numbers get fouled up during LNP
switching, and that happens a lot. He also likes to able to "transfer"
his calls to his house without having to go back to an office at the
end of the day (I don't know how Vonage does that, but he has two
Linksys boxes, one with him and one at home).

Anyway, the point is he makes it work somehow, and I'd like to be sure
that a 911 call via the Vonage box would show the correct address.


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