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TD-Extra Site Map

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 15:04:03 EST

For some time now, I have been working and molding 'td-extra' to make it
an all-purpose news service; if you will, a sort of "poor man's Yahoo"
news service. I do not kid myself, there is a long way to go to complete
the job. But here is where I am at to date, and I invite your review
if what is done thus far.

A dream I have had since I first got into computers and news groups
now over twenty years ago was to create a total news service, with
an emphasis on telecom/technology news. but not neglecting other news
as well. Please tell me what you think thus far:

(All these URLs begin with then
continue as shown below:)

Audio Feedsweep entries:

/AP.html Five minute radio news summary, updated hourly on the hour.

/bbc.html Ongoing 24/7 news and features from BBC World Service.

/TDNews.html Ongoing 24/7 news from three main sources:
BBC, Voice of America (VOA) and National Public Radio (NPR)
This URL automatically alternates between these three
services, playing each for one or two hours, then moving
on to another one. To see what it is on, and where it
is going next, look at /radioschedule.html

/Fednews.html This is news of interest to federal employees, 24/7 with
AP news hourly on the hour, other features throughout
the hour. Overnight and weekends, it is entirely AP News

When combined with 'feedsweep', as the audio is playing, more than
one hundred news headlines (all time stamped USA Central time) from
various sources (mostly AP and Reuters) are displayed. The entire
feedsweep display refreshes about once every two or three minutes, as
new items are received. Click on a headline, read the story, click
elsewhere, read another story. New items are posted at the top, and
older items are scrolled off the bottom. All four of these pages use
the feedsweep scripts, the only difference is *which audio* to which
you to listen. If you don't want to listen to radio at all, then just
click the button on the screen to turn it off or on. (the default is
'audio on' to which ever source you choose.)

In addition to 'feedsweep' with /AP.html, /bbc.html, /TDNewsradio.html
and /Fednews.html , other things to check out in td-extra are these:

(like above, all begin with URL
then continue)

/dailynews.html A *very short* summary of news headlines from various

/gaynews.html A collection of GLBT news headlines and links from
various GLBT sources.

/index.html The default starting page if you do not choose any
specific newsfeed, audio, or news source. In other
words you only type in

/internet-news.html Here I have USA Today headlines, abstracts and links,
and United Press International headlines, abstracts
and links.

/more-news.html An extension of TELECOM Digest, with telecom headlines,
abstracts and links. Additionally, United Press
International reports on telecom, internet, technology,
and networking.

/nasa.html Video/audio from National Aeronautics and Space

/nytimes.html A hundred or so headlines, abstracts and links to
articles in the current day's New York Times from
the National, International, Politics, Home, and
Technology section of the paper. In addition, on the
right side of the page, headlines, abstracts and
links from the current issue of Christian Science
Monitor, National Public Radio News,
(internet magazine) and other sources.

/miscellaneous.html Religious news service. The audio here is a
24/7 stream from Eternal Word Radio Network, however
you can turn it off or switch to various other audio
streams as desired.

/radioschedule.html Is part of TDNews.html the program schedule.

/operator-pat.html A bizzare collection of JPG files featuring your
moderator's namesake.

/othernews.html More headlines from USA Today, technology headlines
from and

/technews.html Technology headlines and links from Forbes, EE Times,, others.

/supplement.html Features include full pages of the current issue of
Christian Science Monitor, Atlantic Unbound (the
internet version of Atlantic Monthly magazine), your
local weather forecast (input your postal code),
Today's Astronomy Picture, Today's Note from History,
a few other things.

/worldpress.html National and International News from an alternative


And of course, you begin by reading the current issue of TELECOM
Digest. I will agree I do not yet have it all organized as well
as I should, and that is where I hope you all will help me in this
beta-test with your comments and ideas.

Remember: for starters, then go to to read 'the rest of the news' each
day, or listen to audio presentations of the news. For direct entry to
the URL of your choice, just add /'feature name' to the URL, or make
it your starting or 'home' page as desired.

Patrick Townson

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