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Randolph J. Herber (
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 20:03:52 GMT

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> 1010news radio reported that a rural Lousianna hamlet of 15 people
> finally got telephone service. It cost on average $47,000 per line to
> install it. The cost will be paid by the small surcharge on all
> customer's bills.

> See:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Who is the 'all' in "surcharge on all
> customers"? The 15 residents in that community, all the state-wide
> customers of that telco; all that telco's customers everywhere, all of
> us who use telephones, or? For 15 residents in a town, $47,000 seems
> sort of steep to be paid in 'small surcharges'. PAT]

Quoting from the material from the link:

"Phone customers around the state will cover the cost by paying a
small monthly charge on their bills."

For the humor value:

"But it didn't take resident Elaine Edwards long to find out that not
all calls were fun.

"It wasn't 15 minutes after that phone was in before a telemarketer
called me,""

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