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Re: Do Allow Under-9s to Use a Mobile
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 13:27:11 -0500

Heating is not the only mechanism that can cause harm:

At one time, X-Rays were considered safe for all, including pregnant
women. And back then, they exposed you to a higher amount of

Many people get a type of radiation burn that is so common we refer to
it as "sunburn". I don't think this is caused by heating (but does
require a lot more EM energy than cellphones produce.)

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 09:10:26 +1100, David Clayton
<> wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 23:27 -0800, Linc Madison wrote:

>> In article <>, Dave Garland
>> <> wrote:

>>> It was a dark and stormy night when John Levine <> wrote:

>>>> That's not enough power to heat anything.

>>> With all due respect, heating may not be the mechanism.

>> With all due respect, what other mechanism do you think could cause
>> cellphones to harm human tissue?

> Isn't that what the medical experts are now studying?, Perhaps they
> should all give up since the answers have been made clear here?

> As to the other arguments about "years of knowledge", perhaps you can
> cite when they were able to use state of the art diagnostic and analysis
> equipment way back years ago, or the studies that used children to
> determine if long-term exposure to RF had no negative effect on their
> developing bodies?

> There may very well be no significant negative effects from using
> cellphones, but unless people conduct investigations on this recent
> (in terms of any possible long-term medical outcomes) phenomenon,
> using the latest techniques, then assuming that it is safe is just
> plain folly.

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