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Re: Do Allow Under-9s to Use a Mobile

Linc Madison (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 17:40:00 -0800

In article <>, David Clayton
<> wrote:

>> With all due respect, what other mechanism do you think could cause
>> cellphones to harm human tissue?

> Isn't that what the medical experts are now studying?

Yes, but all indications so far are that there is no significant danger.

> Perhaps they should all give up since the answers have been made
> clear here?

I'm not saying that we should end all research. I'm saying that it's
foolish to say that we don't know if cellphone usage is safe.

> As to the other arguments about "years of knowledge", perhaps you can
> cite when they were able to use state of the art diagnostic and analysis
> equipment way back years ago, or the studies that used children to
> determine if long-term exposure to RF had no negative effect on their
> developing bodies?

Children have been exposed to lots of RF for decades now. If a
fraction of a watt from a cellphone can fry your brain, why don't we
see killing fields underneath all those commercial radio transmitter
towers? There certainly shouldn't be so much as a field mouse left
alive if it were that dangerous.

> There may very well be no significant negative effects from using
> cellphones, but unless people conduct investigations on this recent
> (in terms of any possible long-term medical outcomes) phenomenon,
> using the latest techniques, then assuming that it is safe is just
> plain folly.

It's not "recent in terms of any possible long-term medical outcomes,"
and it has already been studied extensively.

Assuming that cellphone use is safe is quite entirely rational, until
such time as someone can show a shred of evidence otherwise.

True or false?

1. We have no evidence whatsoever as to whether or not cellphones are

2. We have no evidence whatsoever that cellphones cause harm.


1. False.

2. True.

The truest folly is to worry about a risk that shows no sign
whatsoever of being real.

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