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Re: Japanese Calling Home From UK - Questions

Rob (
28 Jan 2005 12:40:27 -0800 wrote:

> I genuinely want to find the best information for one of my wife's
> cousins who is planning a homestay in the UK for about 6 months. I
> will try and explain as clearly as possible in the hope that it will
> help you answer.

> While I am aware that obtaining a mobile phone is relatively
> hassle-free for someone such as my Japanese cousin, spending 6 months
> in the UK to study English and on a homestay, the problem is this:

> * The cousin is 18 years old, with a relatively low level of English.
> The parents want her to have a mobile phone during the stay in the UK
> to remain easily contactable.

> * However, taking a Japanese-contracted phone to the UK, even assuming
> it can operate there, would be prohibitively expensive due to paying
> for roaming (as far as I know). Due to the extra expense involved,
> this is not the preferred option, unless there is an economical way of
> using a Japan-purchased phone in the UK.

> * The answer would be to take out a new contract on a phone when in
> the UK. However, she would not be comfortable with a phone featuring
> ENGLISH instructions and display.

> The preferred option is as follows:

> * A phone which can be arranged after arrival in the UK and which
> includes a Japanese language function.

> * A plan/tariff whereby the user (cousin) does not have to pay for
> incoming calls made from Japan by family etc. Or where these are as
> cheap as possible.

> * The main purpose of the phone would be as a means of contact
> for her family in Japan, since she does not know many people in the UK.

> I am hoping to get an answer, in the shape of detailed advice and
> recommendations for suitable models if possible, and I would really
> appreciate anyone's help. Please post here or email me on

Calls to geographic numbers in Japan from geographic phones in the UK
are from GBP0.02/USD0.04 per minute via companies such as Call 18866
( or 1899 (, and they'd charge the
same rate from a mobile phone if the phone is on a tariff which
includes a set amount of free minutes and therefore able to dial their
access numbers.

The best advice is for you to have a look at UK Telecom Mobile on
Google Groups and ask on there.



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