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Re: AOL Dropping Usenet Access

Fred Atkinson (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:04:04 GMT

Some years back, I was using an ISP up in Maryland. They were pretty
reliable, but not a good communicator with their customers.

I decided to take out a second associate's degree in night school and
went to school nights and weekends for about a year. With classes and
studying, I didn't get on Usenet very much.

When I finished the program, I pulled up usenet again. I couldn't get
Free Agent to work. After I gave up, I emailed them and asked if
there was anything wrong with the usenet server. The answer was that
they had ripped it out altogether (without notifying any of their
customers). I was more annoyed that they hadn't notified me than that
they had ripped it out.

I found a service called Newsguy ( He
provided usenet service for those whose ISP doesn't provide it. His
rates were pretty good back then, but I'm not sure what he is charging

I found his service to be pretty good.

Have a good one.


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