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DevilsPGD (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 00:29:01 -0700

In message <> Erica <>

> Sure that's true, but what about the fortuitous charges. Example,
> let's say you slid because of snow and passed the line on a yellow
> light and it will flash your car. Or you toss in your coins to the
> tollbooth, and drive off, and it doesn't count the coins right so it
> snaps a shot of your car. Now you have to fight that you paid, and or
> slid and the hassle is a pain.

You didn't quote, so I can only guess exactly what you're complaining
about, but with regards to sliding into an intersection, you should be
ticketed if you enter an intersection on a red whether it's because
you slid, or your brakes are bad, or you just plain didn't stop.

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