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Re: Net Telephone Fees Have Users Fuming

DevilsPGD (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 00:29:07 -0700

In message <> Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
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>> What boggles my mind is that companies in the telecommunications
>> industry seem to get away with something that would not be allowed
>> almost any other industry, and that is quoting one price to a
>> customer, then actually charging a higher one. And again, I emphasize
>> that these fees are not taxes that the government requires these
>> companies to collect from end users. They are just an arbitrary fee
>> that these companies decide to add on, so they can keep their
>> advertised price artificially low in relation to their
>> competitors. But this makes it very difficult for potential customers
>> to fairly compare the actual monthly rate they will pay from any
>> provider under consideration.

> I never did understand how that didn't violate fraud laws either.
> After all, they are quoting one price and charging another. How would
> that be substantively different from a user of theirs paying a check
> for the full amount minus their own Federal, State, Social Security
> taxes on the tendered monies?

It's all documented in the terms of service.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And naturally, everyone always reads
those several pages of fine print and understands them all. PAT]

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