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Magazine Writer Looking For an Interview
27 Jan 2005 16:59:39 -0800

Becky (and others),

I am a reporter with US News and World Report, currently working on a
story on Voice Over IP. It's a pretty basic piece, explaining how the
technology works, why some people are switching over to it, and what
we can expect to see from the technology in the future. I'm looking to
interview a family like Becky's (or Becky, even) that made the switch
to VoIP for a landline. Also of interest to me is people that use a
technology like Skype, say, to communicate for free with farflung
friends or family (like kids studying abroad). If anyone has any
suggestions or can help me get in touch with such a person, please
write me an e-mail at:

Also, Becky, I would love to interview you.

Thanks so much,

Angie C. Marek

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not personally know how to locate
Becky, maybe Jack Decker can check his mailing list. But others who
have experience with Skype or other VOIP technology may wish to get in
touch with Ms. Marek. PAT]

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