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Considering Vonage - Phone and Network Questions

rlstjohn (
27 Jan 2005 06:13:46 -0800


I am considering changing over to Vonage for my phone service. I will
not be able to completely dump my current phone company though, since
I rely on a landline for both Tivo and my home alarm system.

Part of my current phone configuration consists of something like the
Vtech system which has one main base station and other handsets which
do not require a telephone plug in. If I were to switch to Vonage
would I simply be able to plug the main base station into the Vonage
phone adapter or network connection and still be able to use the
upstairs phone (second handset)?

I would be very ineterested to hear how others have their phone and
networks configured if using Vonage. It appears that most of these
Vonage adapter (made by Linksys etc) have two ports so I guess multiple
adapters would be required to support a large number of phones in one
house. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you,


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On my Vonage application, I have it
wired through a PBX so I can use it anywhere in my house. I dial '9'
to get an outside regular telco line, and I dial '8' to get Vonage
dialtone. Regards the two ports on the back of the Vonage TA, one of
them is typically used for a fax line. You have to request that
Vonage tech support turn it on; it will not work otherwise. Vonage
works the same as a 'regular' phone line in the sense that any
peripherals you have on your phone line *should* work okay on your
Vonage, more or less in the same way with the same reliablity. But,
take care to keep your landline phone wires separate. Disconnect your
landline phone before you plug in the Vonage, and *never* allow the
wire pairs from one to cross connect with the other. PAT]

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