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Re: Traffic Tickets
26 Jan 2005 17:20:44 GMT

In article <>, Danny
<> wrote:

> Sure that's true, but what about the accidental charges. Example, you
> toss in your coins to the tollbooth, and drive off, and it doesn't
> count the coins right so it snaps a shot of your car.

If you leave before you verify payment that's your problem.

> Or let's say you slid because of snow and passed the line on a
> yellow light and it will flash you. Now you have to fight that you
> paid, and or slid and the hassle is a pain.

Gee. If you slid because of the snow and rear-ended someone then you'd
have to spend time dealing with that. What a pain. I believe in
traffic terms that's called "driving too fast for conditions."

John Meissen

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