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Where's the Money? - Internet Interconnection/Financial Settlements

Colin (
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:36:58 +1100

You may be inteested in the January 2005 article by Geoff Huston in
his monthly ISP column on

Colin Sutton

It is often the case that it takes a significant amount of effort to
produce seemingly simple outcomes. While we now take the net for
granted and see nothing terribly spectacular behind the click of a
mouse to bring up a web page, the mechanics behind this action are no
less extraordinary than they ever were, no matter how much we now see
this as the Internet simply doing what it was designed to do.

While the technical engineering aspects of the Internet are impressive,
the business side of the network is no less impressive. In this
article we will look at the manner in which Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) from the perspective of their financial dealings, and take a
look at some of the business pressures that are defining the structure
of today's Internet industry.

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