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Tony P. (
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 17:01:06 -0500

In article <>, says...

> Tony P. wrote:

>> It's all about money, nothing more. If they were really concerned with
>> safety they'd come up with a little device that cuts the car motors
>> and slams on the brakes if someone looks like they're going to blow
>> through an intersection at a red light.

> Actually, that would probably be MORE of a safety issue. Depending on
> how a device is triggered, a false alarm could guarantee lots of
> rear-end collisions.

> Or worse, such a measure could exacerbate gridlock in crowded metro
> areas. While drivers aren't supposed to "block the box" of an
> intersection in bumper to bumper traffic, quite a few still do it
> anyway, and cutting their engine when the light turns red only means
> they won't be able to move out of the way like you'd prefer they would.

>> I actually favor a more draconian solution -- an 18" thick steel
>> wall that quickly shoots up out of the ground to stop traffic. If
>> you're going too fast you'll just splat against it.

> Sadism isn't safety. :)

No but it is one hell of an educator. How many people do you think
would blow through a yellow light after someone squashed themselves
against one of those babies?

I'm sorry but I walk through this city many times a day. If one more
idiot ignores a cross walk or blows a red light I might just start
carrying caltrops with me and toss them in the road.

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