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Re: Radar Detectors
21 Jan 2005 13:03:04 -0800

abbygale wrote:

> If you research the issue, you'll find that locales fond of the
> 'red-light cameras' have nearly all decreased the "yellow" times to
> make the systems more *profitable*. It's about revenue, not safety and
> it's just another tax.

You don't need red light cameras to create a short-yellow situation.
Actually, you need nothing at all when it gets down to it if the
municipality is that bent on illegal revenue.

Anyway, one major city is intalling these cameras at some bad
intersections and I be assured from both personal experience and
national writeups that they are needed. The motorists like to run the
lights. The intersections are rated among the top ten worst
_nationally_. The TV sitcom "Quints" had a piece using red-light

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