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AT&T (Vtech) Cordless Telephone Battery Charging Question

Ken (
Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:35:45 -0500

I just purchased an AT&T 5840 5.8ghz cordless telephone. After 18
hours, the charging light is still lit on the base unit and the
battery charge indicator on the handset is still cycling. I called
AT&T and the rep said this was normal. I asked; "If I left the handset
in the cradle for a week without use, would it still show that it was
charging?" He said it would. I have never had a device that operated
this way. Can anyone verify that this is normal for AT&T (or vtech)


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have a Uniden cordless phone like
that. When it sits in the charger, the light is always on, and it
would appear it is always charging, even if it is charged. The
instruction booklet said upon first using the phone to 'allow 18-24
hours for the first charge'; not that the light would go out when
the charge was completed. When the phone's LED displays a message
saying 'battery low' I just stick it back in the charger and leave
it for a few (six or eight) hours until I need to use the phone again.
If you take the phone out of the charger, it will probably work just
fine. From time to time, as you think of it, sit it back in the
charger for a couple hours, no particular schedule. I tend to leave
mine in the charger for several hours, then set the phone itself on
the table next to my rocking chair in the parlor a a couple days or
until I get that LED 'low battery' message. PAT]

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