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Rob (
17 Jan 2005 12:57:53 -0800

David Quinton wrote:

> On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:37:49 -0600, John Hines <>
> wrote:

>> Supposedly so was the complaints about the infamous breast baring at
>> the last Superbowl. Some organization put it on their web site, with a
>> click to complain campaign. Less than a dozen complaints from viewers
>> that actually saw it, and wrote in, were received.

>> The power of the net at work, and the lack of investigation by news
>> outlets into the story before they report the sensational headlines.

> I love the jargon used at the time: "Wardrobe malfunction"!

> On 16 Jan 2005 04:54:39 -0800, Rob <> wrote:

>> I knew about the Christian organizations etc ..., but I wasn't aware
>> of how they calculated the number of obscenities in the performance.
>> I apologise if I made any misleading comments.

> There's a nice, humourous comment on it from one of our more left-wing
> newspapers' most entertaining TV critics here:


Not being a Guardian reader I didn't know about that article. A very
good, and entertaining review.

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