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Gov't Mandated Advertising, was: Another VoIP Company Adds Bogus

Danny Burstein (
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 21:53:15 UTC

In <> (Bart Z. Lederman)

> Farmers and producers of certain agricultural products are REQUIRED by
> the government to contribute to a checkoff fund, which produces
> advertising campaigns, over which the contributor generally has no
> control. Any farmer that wants out of the program because they don't
> think they benefit, or because they disagree with the messages from
> the campaign, have to fight a long up-hill battle with the government,
> and risk serious retaliation.

While that used to be the case (and no doubt the people who
collect/pocket that money do their best to unpublicize the news ...)
there have been a slew of recent court decisions that ruled mandatory
checkoffs of this sort are unconstitutional. (Still waiting for a
definitive and final ruling from the Supreme Court).

The following url leads to a good writeup. The group is clearly biased,
but the facts are true ...

(plenty of other info available by doing the usual Googlin')

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