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Re: Using Cell Phone as Pager

Rick Merrill (
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 10:58:33 -0500

Isaiah Beard wrote:

> Joe wrote:

>> BTW, We don't have any control over the hospitals' paging systems, so
>> getting her own page number isn't a viable solution.

> Then neither is using a cell phone to act as a pager.

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am curious about something on this. I
> have been in many hospitals and medical centers where they ask you to
> turn off your cell phone while there. They say it has to do with radio
> telemetry equipment on the premises. Yet, the doctors and all the
> staff members have pagers, and they don't turn those off. You'd think
> radio signals from either type of device would be a problem. PAT]

Ahem, pagers are receive only; cell phones Always Transmit, even if you
are not placing a call. The energy dissipated is always strongest near
a transmitter. There is very little energy radiated near a receiver.

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