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Re: Executone PBX and a Problem

J.P. Wing (
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:17:40 -0500

I used to maintain an Executone IDS system. proved to be a very valuable resource.

J.P. Wing

T. Sean Weintz <> wrote in message

> GOClimb wrote:

>> Hi folks,

>> My company has an Executone PBX that was installed in the early 90s.
>> I'm responsible for maintenance and whatnot. Two questions to the
>> group:

>> 1 - Anyone know who runs these now? As far as I know, Executone
>> doesn't do it anymore. For a while, I thought they'd been bought out
>> by Staples, but I'm not so sure now.

> Inter-tel - bought out executone.

>> 2 - Specific question. Just set up a new extension. It's well within
>> our range of allowed numbers by the phone company. Internally it rings
>> through correctly to the user's phone (and the v-mail works correctly,
>> etc). But when I dial the number through an outside line the call goes
>> directly through to the operator. Anyone have a clue why this might
>> happen? I checked on the VMS/Forwarding screen, and everything there
>> looks hunky-dory.

> What type of trunks do you have?

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