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Re: Real Election Reform
12 Jan 2005 13:07:04 -0800

David Clayton wrote:

> contributed the following:

>> I think that sooner or later, a computerised voting system will have
>> to be introduced here in the UK as it'll have to be in the US, but at
>> the moment there appear to be so many creases to iron out to get a
>> decent and fair system, as well as getting all of our political
>> parties to agree to it that it's not going to happen for quite a
>> while.

> In Australia we have COMPULSORY federal and state Proportional voting
> (for everyone over 18) -- but get this: we still use a PENCIL to
> record our votes!

> Regards,

> David Clayton, e-mail:
> Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
> (Remove the "XYZ." to reply)

You'll never beat the good old pencil! LOL!!!

BTW, voting's also compulsory in Belgium and one or two other states
in the EU, but not here in the UK, thankfully. If it were, there's be
a jail full to overflowing in every village, town and city!

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