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Tony P. (
Sun, 9 Jan 2005 22:26:57 -0500

In article <>,

> We still use the old 'X in a box' method here in the UK on our ballot
> papers and, depending on which election/referendum we're having
> (local, national or European) and the amount of candidates taking
> part, the ballot paper can be up to 18" (that's right, 1' 6") long.

We don't use the X method but instead you must complete a line to form
and arrow pointing to your choice. The ballot is then scanned, a
counter on the front of the machine incremented, the votes recorded on
both internal paper tape and electronically. The ballot is then stored
in a bin below the scanning head.

Probably the most fool proof system I've come across in many years.

This year was interesting though. We print ballots with both English
and Spanish on them. The problem was that there were an unusual number
of referenda on the ballot so the type was squashed down.

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