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Gore Tax Increase

Clark W. Griswold, Jr. (
Fri, 07 Jan 2005 18:07:28 -0700

According to a insert in this month's Qwest bill, the Federal
Universal Service Fee (otherwise known as the Gore Tax, in honor of
the inventor of the internet) is going to be raised from 8.9% to 10.7%
- an over 20% increase.

This for a program that has so much documented waste and abuse that it
was suspended for several months. And for a program that if memory
serves, was originally supposed to cover just the wiring of schools
for internet service, but has since expanded to underwrite monthly
operational costs and added all sorts of other eligible agencies. A
program that now has so many constituents that (like every other
government program) it now appears to be impossible to kill.

Sigh. Is it any wonder people are flocking to VOIP and why taxing
authorities are looking so hungry?

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