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Tony P. (
Tue, 4 Jan 2005 21:34:44 -0500

In article <>,

> Yea, you know that, I know that and anybody who takes the time to read
> their manual knows that. But the story wasn't written to inform, it
> was written to alarm and cause a backlash against "Big Brother" and
> their invasion of *MY* privacy, which is absolute BS, but that doesn't
> look so good in print.

Sort of how the rights management to be built into new consumer
electronics only have to be so good as to defeat the average end user
from overcoming them.

So in other words those of us who aren't afraid of the guts of
electronic gear, have our amateur and general radio licenses and a
pretty good knowledge of digital electronics won't have any problem
defeating it.

I can't wait!

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