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Tony P. (
Mon, 3 Jan 2005 21:28:07 -0500

In article <>, says:


> Global positioning technology on mobile phones and other devices can
> track errant workers, teens or even pets. The price is privacy.

> By David Colker
> Times Staff Writer

> As her daughter enjoyed a weekend road trip, Donna Butler sat back
> home 120 miles away at her personal computer and watched a blue dot
> tick slowly across the screen.

> But not slowly enough.

> "They were going 85 on the interstate where the speed limit is 70,"
> said Butler, who interrupted 17-year-old Danielle's getaway to let her
> know, " 'I will personally come up there and drive you home.' "

> It would have been easy to find her. Whenever Danielle is away from
> her central Florida home, her mobile phone uses a global positioning
> system to transmit her precise location, which her mother can track
> online.

> Developed originally as a military tool, GPS is used widely by
> drivers, hikers and boaters to figure out where they are. A new
> generation of relatively cheap GPS-equipped devices can tell others
> too -- allowing people for the first time to keep constant tabs on
> their rebellious teens, wandering spouses or loafing employees.

> That prospect comforts mothers like Butler, but it concerns some who
> see ever more powerful and invasive technology eroding a sense of
> personal privacy.


Ah, but most phones have the capability to shut the GPS transmissions
off to all but 911 operators. I know that's the situation on my
Audiovox phone.

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