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Stanley Cline (
Sun, 02 Jan 2005 21:24:27 -0500

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 11:19:01 -0500, Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

> My father lives in Chapin, South Carolina. I recently got his
> telephone service switched over to Vonage. As Vonage does not have an
> exchange in Chapin (and since all Chapin exchanges are local to the
> Columbia, SC area), we got a Columbia, SC number for him to use.

> Last week, his next door neighbors complained that when they dialed
> his number they got a recording telling them to dial 'one plus the
> area code and the number'. I used their telephone to dial his number
> as seven digits and got the same thing. Vonage's exchange in the
> Columbia area is 233. The neighbors had a number in the 945 exchange.

Not all Chapin numbers are local to Columbia! I checked BellSouth's
tariffs and it turns out there is both a Chapin/Little Mountain South
rate center and a Chapin/Little Mountain North rate center, and that
only the C/LM South rate center is local to Columbia. 803-945,
unfortunately, is in the C/LM North rate center and is not local to
Columbia; it's local only to the two C/LM rate centers, Newberry, and
Prosperity, without an optional calling plan anyway.

803-345 = C/LM South (BellSouth)
803-932 = C/LM South (BellSouth)
803-945 = C/LM North (BellSouth)
803-233 = Columbia (KMC Telecom)

Maybe your father's house is right on the border and in C/LM South
(did he have a 345 or 932 number?) and the neighbors are in C/LM
North, or he had an optional calling plan with BellSouth that the
neighbors don't?

FWIW, Vonage doesn't have numbers in either C/LM rate center -- but
competitor VoicePulse has numbers in both C/LM North and C/LM South.
(VP often has numbers in places in the Southeast where no one else
does. The underlying CLEC for those numbers is almost certainly ITC
DeltaCom; VP is known to provide numbers out of ITCD NPA-NXXs in other
areas, including Atlanta and east Tennessee, and ITCD has NPA-NXXs in
both C/LM North and C/LM South...)

803-941 = C/LM South (ITCD)
803-948 = C/LM North (ITCD)

Stanley Cline // Telco Boi // sc1 at roamer1 dot org //

"it seems like all you ever buy is Abercrombie and cell phones" --a friend

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