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Re: Connect to Skype with Multiple Phones Around the House?

Brad Houser (
Fri, 31 Dec 2004 13:01:48 -0800

<> wrote in message

> I intend to get a VoIP USB base unit from pcphoneline to
> control Skype in the PC using USB; it has a phone jack that I can plug
> my cordless phone into it.


> Can I connect multiple phone line to the VoIP USB base unit mentioned
> above?

You can connect one phone _line_ with multiple phones sharing the
line. When you have two or more phones in one house, all using the
same line, they are essentially connected in parallel. The only issue
is how many ringers can you ring at once, as they all use some of the
limited ring current capacity. Most new phones use very little
current, so this should not be an issue. Old phones with mechanical
bells would stop ringing if you tried to put more than 5 on one telco

> Then I can run cables to various locations in my house. Running
> cable is no big deal because I have already run cat-6 cables around the
> house for networking. I can easliy change the cat-6 jack with a
> phone-jack. What I am wondering is whether there will be any conflict
> in the base unit if I plug a lot of phone lines into it. How to connect
> many phone lines into it anyway? I mean ... physically?

Think of the phone line as a pair of wires, say green and red. The
green/red wire pair will connect from one jack to the next, to the
next, etc in a line or you can tie them all together in one place,
called a home run. Just remember to wire green to green and red to
red. Usually green and red connect to the two center pins (3 and 2
respectively) in an RJ-11 jack.

Brad Houser

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