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Re: Can Someone PINGing Really Screw Your Network

Ed Clarke (
30 Dec 2004 23:15:50 GMT

In article <>, BertieBigBollox @ wrote:

> Seems a bit hard to believe. Surely one computer pinging would make
> very little impact even on a DSL connection ... Would be a bit
> unfortunate if this were the case and someone got hold of your static
> IP :-)

Depends upon the relative speeds of the connections. A fast ping from
an OC3 will hurt you a lot.

> Also, what about UDP floods? Are these different? Surely firewalls
> etc would stop this sort of thing from happening?

Not at all. The traffic's on the line, whether or not it gets into a
computer is beside the point. And in any case, you usually run into
DDOS (distributed denial of service) rather than DOS right now.

"De inimico non loquaris sed cogites."

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